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Medical Scribe Resources




l The Medical Scribe Certification and Aptitude Test (MSCAT)


l American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group


l Efficient Care Medical Assistant & Scribe Training Program


l Emergency Medicine Scribe Systems

Suggested Books: 

1. Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness, and Humanity- Ronal Epstein, MD

2.  The Evolution of Medicine- James Maskell

3. The Patient Will See You Now-Eric Topol, MD

4. Principle-Centered Leadership-Steven Covey

5. The Speed of Trust-Steven Covey

6. Why We Get Fat- Gary Taubes

7. Good Calories, Bad Calories- Gary Taubes

8. Originals, How Now-Conformists Move the World- Adam Grant

9. The 4-Hour Body-Tim Ferriss

10. The 4-Hour Workweek-Tim Ferriss 

11. Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell

12. The Tipping Point-Malcolm Gladwell

13. Being Mortal- Atul Gawande

14. The Creative Destruction of Medicine-Eric Topol, MD

15. Men Die Young, Women Don't Care- Jerry Hizon,MD

16. David and Goliath- Malcolm Gladwell

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